4 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Shelter Dog

Puppies are undeniably adorable, so it's no surprise that they're generally the first in line to go to their forever homes when potential families come to a shelter in search of their new pet. However, it's far too often the case that the older crowd of dogs are overlooked and left to sit and wait because people assume that they're either there for a reason, or they're just too old and have nothing to offer. It's important to realize that neither concern is necessarily the case, so here are a few great reasons to consider welcoming a senior shelter dog into your family:

  1. They're Generally Good Dogs: Many people get the wrong impression that because an older dog is in the shelter, it must have done something negative to push the owners into getting rid of them, and that's simply not true. Most older shelter dogs are very sweet, loving, and obedient dogs that have been removed from their homes for a variety of reasons, such as their owners moving to a location that isn't dog friendly, or the original owner passing away.
  1. Previous Training: A great deal of older dogs already know basic commands and leash training. With a senior dog, you'll be able to introduce them into your world much quicker than a puppy, and without having to focus a lot of time on teaching them doggie basics.
  1. Calm Personalities: Senior dogs are just like senior people. They've still got life and excitement about them, but they aren't hyperactive little balls of energy that are going to tear up your property and run through the halls when it's time for bed. Older dogs are much calmer, and much more willing to just lounge around and enjoy your company.
  1. Instant Companionship: Puppies require a lot of things before genuine bonding can occur, such as general training, constant interaction, and time. Older dogs have had an entire life full of experiences with previous owners, so they are more likely to already possess the basic abilities required for companionship. In addition to all of this, there's simply nothing like the bond formed with a senior rescue dog that understands you've chosen to love it no matter what.

Dogs from all walks of life have varying characteristics that can make them a good fit for you and your lifestyle, puppies and seniors alike. The next time you're at the shelter in search of a furry friend to bring home, don't be afraid to say hello to some of the older dogs in the yard. You just might get lucky and have a senior dog decide to adopt you!

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