We believe what sets us apart from every other pet store begins with our knowledgeable and helpful staff. Pet Food Depot employees are always here to help. We enjoy listening about your pets and we love to answer questions, even the hard ones. Your pet is part of the Pet Food Depot family from day one. We are dog, cat, bird, horse, chicken, goat and reptile people too. And we are your local neighbors. That means we want to know you and your pet , we want to see those pics on your cell phones and we want to help you find the pet supplies that fit your pets needs. Just ask us about any pet food, pet supplies, vaccinations, or anything pet related. We won't just give you any response, and if you stump us, we will definitely go out of our way to get the right answer. Hey we all learn something everyday! Right? At Pet Food Depot we always take the time to offer the best solution for your pets needs.

Our Family