'Miracle Drops' Save Precious

'Miracle Drops' Save Previous
by Caleb Wright, Owner of Orozona Oils
As seen on page 22 of The Flagstaff-Sedona Dog Magazine - February/March 2023 Edition

My aging Hispanic grandmother, affectionately named Weta, called one day desperate for help with her overweight Dachshund, Precious, who had fallen off the steps to the bed and hurt her spine, causing paralysis. When I arrived, Precious was dragging her hindquarters and was in obvious dis-tress.

At Weta's request, I took Precious to the vet where x-rays revealed a herniated disc, as well as high levels of enzymes in her liver. They prescribed prednisone and offered the dim hope that she wouldn't walk again for many weeks.

Concerned about the high levels of enzymes and the compounding negative side effects of prednisone, Weta decided to try the "miracle drops" in-stead.

She called them miracle drops because she personally knew the powerful, cell- nourishing results of taking high quality full-spectrum CBD herself. She had been taking the drops regularly to ease the pain of MS, Lupus, frequent muscle spasms, and chronic, systemic inflammation. It had helped her tremendously without any negative side- effects, dreariness, or high of any kind, so she intuitively knew Precious would do well with it, also.

She was right. Within two days of beginning a CBD regimen, Precious was walking again! She was going in and out of her doggy door and even up and down the steps to the bed. After a week, no one would have known there was ever a problem!

Weta kept Precious on a daily dose of CBD oil for years, until she eventually and peacefully died of old age. Weta is on the other side now, too. But I have the assurance that my CBD increased the quality of both of their lives until it was their natural time to go.

While visiting the beach in Costa Rica one year, I met a young family with an elderly once-in-a-lifetime lab named Marlee. She was having trouble enjoying her beach walks and would frequently have to sit down. Like most people these days, the family was familiar with CBD and had even tried it on their dog, with limited results.

I asked if they would be willing to try my brand of organic, full- spectrum hemp extract on Marlee. They agreed and began administering it immediately. After just days they, reported that she was doing far better than expected, not just walking but running again, and had even jumped into the back of the truck!

Being in this industry for nearly eight years, I have heard multitudes of heartwarming testimonials regarding the benefits of quality, full- spectrum hemp oil. From Great Danes to Chihuahuas, Retrievers to Cavaliers, the benefits of hemp-derived CBD are experienced by them all. The following is an excerpt from a letter I received from a Cavalier owner:

“Both of my Cavaliers have Syringomyelia, and your CBD oil is their main source of pain control. The typical medications prescribed for this horrible condition caused lethargy, gastrointestinal upset, drooling, loose stools, no desire to eat, hiding in corners, and the list goes on.

“I worked very hard for many weeks to change their lives, and Orozona Oils CBD along with other supplements and alternative therapies, acupuncture, and cold laser, have completely changed their lives for the better. We walk 2-3 miles a day, swim, play ball, huge love for food, and just overall such happy girls. I wish others could open their minds to seeking alternative pain control methods”. ~Lynn R. Brighton, MI

Why Do Some CBD Products Work So Well, While Others Underperform?
Why do some CBD products seem to do nothing or have limited results, while other products completely change the lives of those consuming it? I’ve identified three main contributors that correspond to efficacy: potency, processing, and purity.

To start with, there are varying potencies of CBD oil, along with the need to determine proper individual dosing. Think of gasoline: you can buy different octanes of fuel that burn more or less efficiently. Or how about alcohol: you can buy a 3.2% beer or a 9% beer. Both are 12 ounces of hopped–up suds, but one will have a more pronounced effect versus the other. However, don’t fall prey to thinking that more is always better; 99% pure CBD (isolate) performs far below the bar set by a full-spectrum oil of, say, 25-35% potency.

Once you’ve identified a quality full-spectrum oil with adequate CBD potency, you must dial in your ideal dose. We approach this by weight or severity of the condition, along with experimentation. Since CBD is non-toxic, it’s practically impossible to overdose, so taking too much during the experiment is not to be feared. Once you discover the ideal dose, simply remain consistent and take it daily. I like to split the dosing, taking 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening.

Another thing to consider is the amount and type of processing the plant material is exposed to. As a general rule, the more refined a product, the less effective it becomes. A good example is white bread. It’s not exactly a health food, especially when compared to sprouted whole-grain bread.

The CBD products that are mass-produced are mostly made with highly refined, isolated CBD called Isolate; it’s like white bread. All of the other (mostly oil-based) constituents of the hemp plant have been stripped away using solvents and other harsh methods, leaving behind a white, water-soluble powder. It’s popular because it has no taste and can easily be formulated into treats, beverages, and other foods. It’s also cheaper to produce.

The downside is that it doesn’t work as good or linger in the system like a less-refined, full-spectrum, hemp oil that has been extracted using clean methods, such as wiped-film evaporation or super-critical CO2. The reason for this is that the lipids in the hemp oil bond with the lipids in the body, where they are absorbed and can provide systemic cellular nutrition to the entire body. Water-based isolates wash over the cells but can’t efficiently absorb into them like oil-based CBD can. It’s literally asking water to bond with oil.

A full-spectrum oil has what’s known as an entourage effect. This means that when a group of constituents from the hemp plant remains in the extracted oil, they assist one another in a synergistic way that enables uptake and efficacy in the body. It may have a bitter herb or earthy taste, but CBD shouldn’t be consumed for the flavor, but for the benefits! This brings us to our third point....

The third factor is purity. It’s common to see products loaded with too many and/or the wrong ingredients in an attempt to mask the strong flavor of full-spectrum hemp extract. Complex formulas can slow the absorption process and diminish the potential effects of the CBD. Artificial flavors, preservatives, colorings, textures, and sugars can also get in the way of metabolizing—countering the effects of CBD and compromising its purity.

Another thing to consider is that when CBD is exposed to high temperatures for too long, it evaporates, reducing its strength. That’s why I stay away from most CBD treats. Also take into consideration the quality and processing methods of any other ingredients that are present.

In my opinion, any viable CBD company will exist not just to make money, but to support those who are serious about pursuing systemic, cellular health via natural plant essence. I recommend looking for products that promote bioavailability and are formulated with only a couple of organic, non-GMO ingredients, free from preservatives, additives, flavorings, sugars, etc. Full-spectrum hemp extract with a 25-35% CBD content delivered in one other clean oil is your best bet. Pass up the flavored products, baked treats, and isolated CBD. They’re gimmicky and will leave you disappointed, where instead you could experience a life-changing story like those above, and like Weta told of Precious.

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