Safety Tips to Protect Your Pet This Winter

With colder months fast approaching it is a good idea to start thinking about how to prepare to make sure your pets are safe and well taken care off this winter. There are some special precautions to heed during the winter months. These include:


  1. Protect Their Skin. Everyone's skin dries out more in the winter, and animals are no different. To keep your pets skin from drying out: dry them off when they come indoors, give them baths less frequently, and keep them hydrated.


  1. Keep Pets Indoors. Even pets that are mostly outdoors, keep them inside for most of the winter. Constant exposure to cold weather is not good for your pets, keep them inside most of the time. Mostly only taken out for walks and bathroom breaks.


  1. Wipe off Paws After Walks. There are a lot of things on the sidewalk during the winter that are dangerous for animals. After walks wipe off your animal’s feet to make sure there are no traces of de-icing salt or antifreeze left that they might lick off later.


  1. Let Their Coat Grow Out. An animal’s coat is their natural defense against the cold, let them take advantage of it. Letting their coat grow out will help them keep themselves warm during the winter.


  1. Provide a Place to Sleep. If your pet normally sleeps on the floor, you might want to invest in a small pet bed or a comfy blanket for your pet to sleep on. The floor can get cold and drafty during the winter, so some insulation well help keep your pet nice and cozy.


  1. Bang on Car Hood. During cold months the warm engine in your car could attract cats in the area that are seeking some warmth. Even if your cat is inside the house, your neighbors might have cats that are outside. To be safe, a quick, loud bang on the hood of your car will scare away and save any cats hiding out.

These tips can help you and your pets have a wonderful and safe winter together!

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