Four Paws Wee-Wee® Premium Patch® Washable Dog Pee Pad (3 Count)

Four Paws

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This Wee-Wee Premium Patch Washable Dog Pee Pad provides a comfortable potty spot for your dog and an eco-friendly option—this reusable, long-lasting pad helps save your money and reduce landfill waste. The leak-proof protection absorbs 4 times the pad's weight and built-in odor control lasts the lifetime of the pad. Featuring a non-slip vinyl bottom, the pad stays in place to secure your dog and prevent urine runoff for clean, dry floors. This reusable pee pad can be used by itself or with the Premium Patch Pet Potty (sold separately). Plus, it's great for dogs of all sizes!

  • Our reusable pee pad reduces landfill waste and saves money to give pet parents a smart, eco-friendly pet potty solution
  • Leak-proof dog pee pads absorb four times their weight and feature odor-control technology that lasts the lifetime of the pad, helping keep homes fresh
  • Includes a non-slip vinyl bottom that prevents shifting to help maintain a clean floor and secure dog potty area
  • Washable dog pee pad can be used on its own or with the Premium Patch Pet Potty (sold separately) for the perfect dog potty system
  • Ideal for dogs of all sizes

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