Espree Oral Care Spray – Peppermint Flavor (4-oz)


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Espree Oral Care Spray breaks down and helps reduce plaque and tartar, freshens breath, and works under the gumline to support oral health.


Removing buildup: Apply twice daily for 14–28 days.  

Keeping teeth clean: Apply once daily, 2–3 times per week. Spray the recommended amount into your pet’s mouth, directly on the gumline if possible, to speed results.  

Spray Amount:

  • Pets under 12 lbs 2–3 sprays
  • Pets 13–35 lbs 3–4 sprays
  • Pets 36–60 lbs 4–5 sprays
  • Pets over 60 lbs 5–6 sprays

For best results, withhold food and water for at least 30 minutes after application. While toothbrushing is not required, it can speed up results.


Water, Grain Alcohol, Peppermint Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Thyme Oil, Neem Oil, Preservatives

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