Pet Safety Alert Pet Alert Decal (2 Pack)

Pet Safety Alert, Inc.

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”Rescue Rover” Pet Alert Fire Rescue Decals can be placed in (Homes, Apts, Condos, Mobile Homes, RV Motor homes, Boats, and Businesses) or anywhere pets are housed. Rescue Rover Decals are made of a strong static cling vinyl material that will adhere to any clean surfaces without adhesive that can be easily applied and removed. “Rescue Rover” Pet Alert Decals help to alert Firemen, Police or any Emergency Personnel that there are pets inside of a residence that need to be rescued in the event of a Fire or any disaster that may occur anytime such as (Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes). Having "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert decals on windows gives emergency personnel a much better chance of alerting them on how many and what type of pets are inside when they arrive on the scene which can mean the split second difference on saving a pets life. "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert decals can also be an added deterrent to unsuspecting burglars that see the bright red and white decals on windows or doors, thinking twice before trying to break into your home, knowing that there are pets inside that might attack or alert them of their presence. Properly displayed, "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert decals can greatly increase a pet's chances of survival of being saved.
Pets are like family and need to be protected.
Don't leave pets home without a Rescue Rover Pet Alert Decal!

Pet Alert Decal Instructions
Directions: “Rescue Rover” Pet Alert decals are labeled for cats, dogs, birds, or other small animals. Select a HIGH VISIBLE area on either windows, sliding glass or front/ back door areas that is not in direct sunlight to place PET ALERT decals so to be seen at a glance by Fireman or emergency personnel in case of fire or any emergency. Next use a permanent waterproof ink marker to write in the selected blank box what type of Pet(s) and how many are in your home. Next wipe area clean before applying to selected area. Decals should be placed on outside of window so the static cling vinyl material will adhere firmly to the window; next wipe and press decal firmly and you are done. NOTE: If placing decal on doors make sure to wet back of decal first then place on door area press and wipe firmly to make contact. Always keep your Pet Alert Decals information updated and replace them when needed, especially if the decals have faded due to direct sunlight exposure which we recommend for them not to be placed. You have taken the first step in being a responsible pet owner to protect your pets in case of a fire or emergency when not at home. Don’t leave your pets home without them! Please pass this Pet Safety Alert message on to other pet owners to do the same.

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