TechMix Equine Bluelite Pellets


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A supplement with unique electrolytes to provide oral hydration support when your horse needs it most.

Proper hydration is essential for a horse to maintain normal fluid-electrolyte balance essential for health and performance. Unlike traditional, salt-based hydration products, Equine BlueLite® supplement for horses contains a combination of electrolytes with sodium chloride needed for electrolyte balance, prebiotics to support beneficial gut health, energy metabolites for energy uptake, and other vitamins and minerals to help achieve balanced health.

Equine BlueLite is available in a powder, pellet, or jel, allowing horse owners flexibility for easy use.

When to Use

  • Whenever horses need additional performance or energy
  • When settling into a new farm or boarding facility
  • To counter the impact of chlorine in water when travelling
  • Transitioning from grass to dry forage
  • During weather changes or extreme weather conditions
  • During shows and events, or when transporting
  • When training or on trail rides
  • For horses stressed from parasites or marginal nutrition​
  • Heat Stress

Key Benefits

  • Instant results when your horse needs it most
  • Provides the essential nutrients lost during heavy workout
  • Balanced electrolyte formula
  • Easily digestible, non-abrasive
  • Contains essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Helps maintain optimum digestive pH to support energy, electrolyte, and vitamin utilization
  • Supports muscle recovery

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Top dress or mix into the daily ration at 4-8 ounces per head per day based on the level of heat stress or activity of the horse. For show horses it is recommended to use 4-8 ounces per head per day for 1 week prior to transport and 2 days after returning based on level of stress or activity of the horse. Suggested usage rates are based on a 1000 lb horse, adjust product usage according to body weight of horse.