VetIQ Minties Dog Chew (Medium/Large Dog 6.4oz)


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Vet-Recommended Dental Chews for Dogs

There’s nothing sweeter than an affectionate kiss from your favorite pooch – but unfortunately, bad dog breath can often ruin what should be a sweet and endearing moment. Thankfully, VetIQ is here to help. We offer a variety of pet wellness supplements, including our Minties dental treats which are specially designed to control plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth,help clean teeth and ultimately freshen your pet’s breath. No matter how bad your dog’s dental health, our Minties dental chews are here to help your favorite furry friend achieve fresher breath!


A Better Alternative to Greenies Dental Dog Treats

*Minties is not manufactured by or distributed by Mars Incorporated. Greenies® is a registered trademark of Mars Incorporated. Minties is not affiliated with, sponsored or approved by Mars Incorporated or its affiliates.

Dental Treats Your Dog Will Love.

Minties® Dental treats provide vet recommended dental care for your dog. Each delicious bone has a triple action formula to help clean teeth, promote fresh breath and help reduce plaque and tartar. What’s more, Minties® Dog Dental Chews come at big savings to you.


Dog Dental Treats Designed with Health in Mind

Our Minties dog treats are made to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen breath, but even more importantly,  they promote the overall health of your dog. Our dog treats for teeth are made with 5 natural breath fresheners and other wholesome ingredients and are free from soy, corn, and wheat, making for a healthier dog dental chew.

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